Netflix has released its first interactive show where you choose what happens next


When Netflix approached Dreamworks Animation to pioneer a “choose your own adventure” style show, “Puss in Boots” writer-producer Doug Langdale accepted before they even finished the pitch.

Dreamworks had already created a few seasons of “The Adventures of Puss in Boots,” and Langdale welcomed the fresh challenge of making multiple paths for kids to explore.
For Netflix, it was a chance to make its kids content stand out from the competition, and emphasize how Netflix can use technology to open up new forms.



A simple choice

A “branching” Netflix show works much the same way as a choose-your-own-adventure book. You are watching a TV show unfold, and eventually you get to a virtual fork in the road, where you choose one of two options. Then the narrative continues.
Here’s an example from the “Puss in Book” demo given to Business Insider. Puss in Boots shows up at a house populated by bears. Then the viewer is presented with a choice. Either the bears are “friendly” when Puss in Boots walks in, or “angry.” In our demo, it was simple and intuitive. All you had to do was press one of two buttons on screen, either with the remote if you’re watching on the TV, or with your finger if you’re viewing on a laptop or tablet. Then you’re back on the story path.



A choice point in “Buddy Thunderstruck”Netflix


via – Business Insider






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