The Pokkén Tournament pad makes for a good, cheap Switch controller



One of the highlights of the new system update for Nintendo Switch is that wired controllers now work with the console. That includes, as many players have found out, the Wii U’s Pokkén TournamentPro Pad — making it a discounted alternative to the in-demand Switch Pro Controller.

The Pokkén controller, which connects to a console via USB, has plenty of fans outside of the game’s community because of its d-pad. The simple layout is ideal for fighting game fans or 2D games like Puyo PuyoTetris, even if it confounds many used to using a joystick.

But the Pro Controller’s d-pad is considered lackluster, even faulty by comparison. Owners complained of its input issues not long after the expensive peripheral hit stores in March. The Pro Controller reportedly has a problem where pressing one direction on the d-pad ends up with multiple button presses registered, which is obviously frustrating for players looking for precision.

Awkward as the Pokkén Tournament controller may look, its d-pad isn’t known to have the same problems. Although it doesn’t have an analog stick, the controller has every other button a Switch owner would need — and it’s also a lot cheaper than the $70 Pro Controller, which is often out of stock anyway. GameStop has the limited edition Pikachu-colored pad for $10.97 new right now; the standard white controller is $14.97.

Plus, Pokkén Tournament DX is coming to Switch on Sept. 22, so Pokémon fans looking to pick that up might want to get its controller too.


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