Madden 18 Mouthpieces Ratings and More ! Developer Clint Oldenburg Interview

Our friends over at SPORTSGAMERSONLINE.COM got a chance to sit down with Madden 18 developer Clint Oldenburg. Check out the video above to see all of the updates in this year's Madden 18 !


An insane-looking new PlayStation 4 game pits a tiny hero against massive beasts

In 2017, "Shadow of the Colossus" is back — a "rebuilt" version of the original game, with gorgeous new graphics.   The unique, gorgeous game is expected to launch in 2018 on the PlayStation 4, but Sony offered an early look recently. Here's what we know!

Arizona Sunshine Out Tomorrow on PS VR

Hey all, Trevor from Vertigo Games here. The last few weeks have been super exciting and hard work for us, but we’re thrilled that Arizona Sunshine will finally make its PlayStation VR debut tomorrow! To thank you all for your amazing support, we’re celebrating the North American launch with a limited Arizona Sunshine Launch Edition... Continue Reading →

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