Knack 2 Hits PS4 September 5, New Trailer & Screens

It was great yesterday to announce September 5 as the launch date for Knack 2! We also got to show off a brand new trailer, so please take a look if you haven’t seen it already. You may have seen from the trailers that Knack 2 is an evolution from the first game. The team... Continue Reading →


Arizona Sunshine Out Tomorrow on PS VR

Hey all, Trevor from Vertigo Games here. The last few weeks have been super exciting and hard work for us, but we’re thrilled that Arizona Sunshine will finally make its PlayStation VR debut tomorrow! To thank you all for your amazing support, we’re celebrating the North American launch with a limited Arizona Sunshine Launch Edition... Continue Reading →

Grab A Super NES Classic Edition This Fall

These days Nintendo has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to hardware folks can’t get enough of. They’re selling Switches faster than they can make them. Another revision of the mega-popular 3DS, the New 2DS XL, is coming next month, and we all remember the mad dash to buy the limited quantities of the... Continue Reading →

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